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How to leave the house with 3 kids

I'm constantly getting c omments about how active we are and how we are always on the go. That is partially true.  I am a very social person and because of that both my boys are. We love interacting with people.  I will never forget the conversation that made me realize Liam is a lot like me. It was about a year ago when he was around 2.5. We were heading to the park and on the way he asked "mom who are we going to the park with today?" I replied "it's just us today." I could see his little gears turning in his head in the car seat mirror "oh so I can go to the park and make new friends?"  We can literally make friends anywhere.  Now here are my steps to how I get out of the house with out leaving a kid behind or diapers because those are equally as important!  I'm the hot mess mom.  my diaper bag almost always stays in the car. I usually have extra diapers in the front seat. So every morning I grab a handful of dia

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