Where has time gone?

I'm not much of a writer however I love to talk so that helps 😄 

My dream job when I was little was to write a children's book and be an artist. Those of you who know me know that I am neither.

I didn't dream of being a mom like other little girls did. I dreamed of being a confident author or journalist. 

 However I am very grateful God changed my heart and put his plan in effect for my life.

I love being a mother. To me I don't need to be the most successful author or a business women. I am very content with my humble messy life.

Being a mom is what I want to do.

It is enough for me. I am not saying I do not want to back to school.  I do but that will happen in Gods timing not mine.

To me impacting the lives of my children is what I'm here to do.
When it's all over and my time has come to meet my maker I want to know I loved on my family as much as I could have. I want to be there for every time they fall and be there to cheer every time they succeed.

My life is perfect just the way God intended it to be.

Here is a little bit of catching up on what's been  going on in my world.

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Our goal is to take a family photo for a year every Sunday until next Easter. While I enjoy it the other members are ready for it to end.

 We are so excited our family is growing!

 We went on our first family road trip! It was Liam's first time to the beach! I do not think I have ever loved the beach more than seeing it through my little ones eyes. We are already planning our trip back next year. I am also still craving on of the jumbo burritos there! 
We went on a spontaneous camping trip. We loved spending time outside together. Liam loved his first time at the lake! He didn't even want to go inside to sleep. It was also his first time sleeping in the same room as other family members! 

I think that's a quick catch up.  

We are absolutely loving fall here. 
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