Birthday letter to my 2 year old

My oh my little boy where do I begin? 

You are such a little turkey. You can carry full conversations and never cease to amaze me what you can say. You are impatient and when you are ready to leave you will say "go home mama right now" or "Li um all done." You request who and where you want to go. Your favorite place is the mall. You want you egg roll "tootie" (cookie) and to ride the train. Your favorite thing to ask is "do you have money for the mall?" Or "do you play basketball?" And you will ask all your family members. 

You are constantly requesting Apple juice instead of water at every meal. 
You are still nursing with no end sight. You tell me "other one." 
You will wait for your brother to finish nursing (most of the time) but you are very quick to say "lele's turn." 
For months now you have loved knowing and pointing out genders. You will point and say "girl or boy." Or "that's the girls mom or "that's the girls dad."  

You love fire trucks and will yell from the back seat "accident mama", when there is more than one emergency vehicle out your rear facing window. 🙈 I need teach you to pray for those involved. 

Even though you are still rear facing that doesn't stop you from knowing exactly where you are. You quickly request your blue slush as soon as we enter sonic's parking lot. You know when we are entering your nana's neighborhood when we pass the fire station. 

You are such a great big brother. You call him your baby. When I take you to the store alone and someone waves to you or says hi you respond "baby at nana's house." You have also started to say "she left baby" If I walk even a few feet away. You adore your brother and hug and kiss him all day. When he cries in the car you say "what wrong Benny?", "no cry Benny bo." Or "almost home Benny almost home." 

Your a very picky eater. Your favorites are "macroni and straws."

You love your blue crocs and will take off your other shoes to out those on. You are learning how to put them on the correct feet And occasionally you get it right.  
You love singing and know how to sing several songs completely. You love counting to 10 and singing your abc's. You love fish, dogs and your nanas bird rocky. 

You are still a climber and can always be found in the sink brushing your teeth with mine or dads tooth brush if we forget to shut the door. You climb on the counters at home and nana's house and when we tell you get down you reply "just let me wash my hands." 

I love you so so much my baby. You make everyday better, chaotic and filled with so much love. Thank you for making me a mom 2 years ago. 

Happy birthday to you. Everyone has sang to you all day for 2 days. It's your absolute favorite song. 💙💙


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