Bennett Gray is 1!

happy 1st birthday Bennett Gray.
You brought so much joy into our family this last year. You are very silly and know just exactly how to get your brother to laugh. You are so sweet and kind. If your brother is crying you go to him to hug him. You love your daddy so much and get so excited when he walks in from work. You have always been an amazing sleeper at night, naps are a different story! I have never seen a baby eat as much food as you do. You out eat your brother everyday. We love that you are not a picky eater at all! You are very content with just crawling and pushing anything you can around the house. You have 6 teeth. You are a tough cookie. Most days I find you picking the fight with your brother. You most certainly will not be pushed around. I love how tough you are yet you are the one who likes to cuddle. Your eyes have only changed a little since birth and we are still surprised you have blue eyes, though some days they look more green.
we love you so much Benny bo. Happy birthday sweet boy!


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