Interest has its way of making me feel like the worst mom, wife and cook all within 5 minutes of browsing. I am a Pinterest addict. That does not mean I ever try to recreate but I just pin and wish I had the time. I browse through the cooking section and tell myself "wouldn't that be amazing for dinner?" I then proceed to make spaghetti. (our go to meal)

I find myself looking in the kid section more than the women's fashion section because lets face it as a mom my kid comes before my lack of style.

I am not a huge valentines day enthusiast. I am not like my parents crazy neighbors that have inflatable hearts in their front yard. For one I did not even know the sold those?!
I am however all for looking Pinterest for valentines ideas for my little man. He was invited to a valentines party with his baby friends. I was so excited to find an easy healthier option for the little valentines.

Aren't these just the cutest? What is one thing you have recreated inspired by Pinterest? I may have to attempt it or at least repin it :)


  1. This is such a cute Idea and clever, thanks for sharing

  2. Adorable! They seem easy too. I've tried to make things from pinterest. It usually doesn't end well. lol.

    1. Mine don't end well either. This one was easy! Thanks stopping by


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