Starting the week with a toothache

I will admit I was intrigued by the many post about making blueberry muffins in a waffle maker. I had to give it a go. 

It was simple enough to add it to my Pinterest inspired completed list (a very tiny list) 

I forgot to tell my husband it was muffin mix as he poured syrup all over his "waffle." 
He was not impressed. I slightly agree with him. 

The package makes two waffles. The package states the serving size is 6.  I hate enough muffins for 3 people! 

Someone please tell me there is a better recipe? I'm starting my week out guilty eating my waffle! 


  1. Was the texture like a normal waffle? I'm intrigued but bummed it sounds like they weren't a hit!

  2. Now I want to buy a waffle maker and try it also :D


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