Call me Aunt

As some of you know my brother and sister-in-law had their baby yesterday.  
I knew I would be excited to be an aunt to my one of my siblings first child but I never imagined this much. I am so in love with the little boy. 

Here are some of the reasons why I love being an aunt so far. It's only been two days :) 

  1. I am so excited to see my little man and his cousin grow up together. I often wished I had a cousin close to my age. 
  2. I am able to love on the little boy but I can hand him back to his parents when he poops or cries.
  3. I did not realize it was possible to find another baby almost as cute as you do your own. It is because we have the same genes :) 
  4. The new baby smell is amazing 
  5. My husband can get his baby fix. 
  6. I love having someone to talk to about baby stuff. I am excited for my brother and sister in law to get to understand the joys and the honor of being parents. I am also excited for them to go through the hard times together.  This will bring us all closer.

I love my new title as aunt. I wish I had a cooler name then aunt Amy. My brother is Uncle Doodoo and my sister is Aunt DeDe. Should I stick with Aunt Amy? Do you have any suggestions? 


  1. So exciting! My friend whose name is Amy is affectionately known as Aunt Mimi :)

    1. That's cute! Thanks for the suggestion!


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