Always and forever my little man

Dear Liam,

This is one of many letters my baby that I will write to you. My eyes are already filling with tears and I have barley started. You have learned to say mama and my heart is so full with love for you. Everyday I am amazed with how much love I have for you. You are so kind, silly and so adventurous. You make everyday a challenge but so rewarding. Hearing you say mama remindes me what I am here to do. Sometimes life is chaotic and it seems like getting to the next day is hard but with you each day is a blessing. I love watching you grow and meet each milestone. You are so active and determined. You literally climb over me to get to what you want. You have not stopped moving even when you were in my belly. You have so much joy in your heart little boy. I pray that you always continue to share that wonderful smile of yours. I pray you will never let that adventurous side of you cease. I pray that you will always continue to climb over obstacles and push towards your dreams. Mommy wants the very best for you little man. You are the one who made me a mom. You are the one who showed me what life is really about. 

Always smile and never be afraid to take risks, mommy will always be here. 

I will love you always and forever 



  1. They can touch our hearts in the deepest ways, can't they?! A beautiful letter.

  2. So glad to discover your space through the link-up!
    Home of "Tuesday Talk" and "Pincrazy Thursdays"~


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